Postdoctoral Fellow:

Theoretical or Computational Biology / Medicine

Job description:

We seek junior or intermediate-level staff members working on the aspects of biology and/or medicine that do not require laboratory work or contact with patients. Examples include computational modeling, image analysis, e-health, processing public health records or bio-databases, ethics, bio-law, bio-mathematics, and other theoretical or computation-based problem solving.

Workplace assignment:

SHS, Institute of Telemedicine. SHS is a publicly registered non-profit academic organization. Women and men are treated and paid equally.


  • Full health insurance.

  • 4 - 5 weeks of paid vacation.

  • Retirement saving plans.

  • Restaurant or food delivery coupons, daily.

  • Family allowance in justified cases.

  • Beautiful nature and national parks nearby.

Candidates shall fit the following requirements:

  • Experienced scientist, physician, engineer, lawyer, or philosopher, typically with a PhD degree.

  • If no PhD, a PhD-equivalent experience, skillset & track record are required.

  • 1 or more articles published as the first and/or corresponding author.

  • Working knowledge of English (EU CEF level B2), or better.

  • Ownership of a laptop PC with properly licensed OS and office SW; integrated Wi-Fi, LAN.

  • Self-discipline and ability to perform unsupervised work (e.g., home office, 1-person cubicle, field work).

  • Computer programming is not necessary, but it can be an advantage.

  • Willingness to relocate to Slovak Republic, EU, for 1 - 3 years.

  • Optional short-term (months) visits to other laboratories worldwide (if interested).

Salary range:

EUR 1,122 to 4,230 per month, based on experience and productivity.




Dear Job Seekers:

This is an universal application form for all professional and volunteer positions at SHS (including scientific, administrative, technical, or any other roles).

You will need to enter:

  • Your basic personal and professional information;

  • Valid e-mail address;

  • Link to your public citation profile in English (this is critical, because grant agencies and other authorities ask us for this information; it must be freely accessible & internationally understandable; Google Scholar is the most preferred option);

  • Your total citations count, h-index, i10-index;

  • Simple one-click answers to 10 fundamental "yes/no" questions about your scientific rank and productivity.

Looking forward to hearing from you!