SHS is a EU-based non-profit professional association, one of the oldest scientific societies in modern Central Europe. We are connecting members in Slovakia, or from Slovakia, with the broadest international scientific, educational, and technological community. Our academic organization brings together experts, teachers, students, enthusiasts, supporters and sympathizers from diverse fields of science, enterprise and social life. SHS is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) and research-performing organization with active investigator-driven programs. Scientific goals include detailed elucidation and practical exploitation of chemical, biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of life: How cells, tissues, organs, organisms, thinking minds, social groups and ecosystems are formed, organized, functioning, feeling, and intercommunicating - with a specific focus on various contexts of health, disease, damage, defense, adaptation, healing, repair, and regeneration.

Member activities and job opportunities are specifically tailored to be intellectually enjoyable and highly motivational for individual age groups and occupational categories, and encom­pass multiple aspects of research, exploration, education, knowledge dissemination, meetings, competitions, and team events. All incomes are used exclusively for support of SHS projects, mission, operational capacities, resource building, and human potential.